I've recently upgraded a server to W2K from Win NT and am having a little
difficulty fully understanding how to use the bog-standard built-in W2K
Backup (as it's quite different to NT backup).
Basically, I have 4 DDS4 tapes (to be rotated in a week cycle) and wish to
run a Full backup (overwrite) on a Monday, followed by 4 Incremmental backups
(appended)(Tuesday-Friday), before changing the tape to the next tape in the
Firstly, is this possible (I suspect it should be)?
If so, would it be best to allocate these 4 tapes to the Free Media Pool (in
Removable Storage)? Will these then stay in the Free Media Pool after they
have been written to?
Will the scheduled backup jobs run and write to these tapes each week,
without me having to configure anything in the Media Pools?
Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

Many thanks