J D H Wrote:
> Hell All,
> I am looking for the cheapest high availability file storage solution.
> For
> another system that I built earlier this year I used a 2 node MSC
> with
> Direct Attached Storage (DAS). This can be rather costly, because i
> needs 2
> W2k3 EE, 2 boxes, a shared media - DAS, and a PDC. I have been lookin
> into
> NASs, but am fairly new to them. How can I setup a NAS to have th
> same
> availability as my 2 node MSCS, and will a NAS be a cheaper solution?
> If I
> were to go with a NAS solution will I need shared media?

I'd prefer an alternativ way. Get rid of the MSCS or WSS stuff and us
a cheap but reliable S-ATA based RAID System, use standard Widows 2k o
2k3 and install something like CA's BrightStor HA or Legato's AAM
You'll get much more features and get rid of the shared storeag



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