Bayhawk Wrote:
> I am in the process of trying to find a solution to implement share
> network
> storage of some sort that can be accessed between 2 separate isolated
> networks. I of which I have full administrative control over, the othe
> in
> which I do not.
> I guess what I am asking is will WSS allow me to establish permission
> for 2
> separate Active Directory domains to the same data pool?
> And if not, any suggestions on how I can resolve this issue.
> Thanks,

What exactly are you trying to archive? Are you talking about LUN base
or share based storage?
Why don't you try NAS and create some groups in each ADS, whic
contains users of the other ADS, or (even better from my point o
view), if you've not so much chnages, use a micture of ADS and AC
rights in your NAS Box.



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