Windows Storage Server is the way to go. Speak to your hardware vendor and
ask about a pair of clustered WSS servers vs. a full blown cluster of
regular machines. The whole point of doing the WSS version was to lower the
price points, while retaining the customer (not forcing them to buy
elsewhere and giving the usability and feature set of a true Windows box,
and not having to learn a new NAS interface.

Joseph Hand
VERITAS Software Corporation

"J D H"> wrote in message
> Hell All,
> I am looking for the cheapest high availability file storage solution.
> For
> another system that I built earlier this year I used a 2 node MSCS with
> Direct Attached Storage (DAS). This can be rather costly, because it
> needs 2
> W2k3 EE, 2 boxes, a shared media - DAS, and a PDC. I have been looking
> into
> NASs, but am fairly new to them. How can I setup a NAS to have the same
> availability as my 2 node MSCS, and will a NAS be a cheaper solution? If
> I
> were to go with a NAS solution will I need shared media?