Volume shadow copy service support 512 shadow copies per volume using the
system provider in Windows Server 2003.

If you enable our Shadow Copies of Shared Folders (SCSF) feature, 64 of the
512 are reserved for the SCSF feature and the remaining 448 are for other
types of shadow copies. Backup, incremental, differential, copy, etc

If you have a SAN with point-in-time fucntionality (snapshot, clones or
both) and the vendor has a VSS hardware provider, you can use a 3rd party
VSS requestor to create hardware shadow copies. Hardware shadow copies are
just point-in-time LUNs/volumes using your storage array feature. The number
of supported hardware shadow copies is the number your storage array
supports. Some hardware solutions only support 8 points-in-time.

Keith Hageman
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"Juanchu" wrote in message
>I thought the limit of shadow copies for volume was 72, but looking on the
> FAQs, appear that the limit is 512. I'm testing and in one volume the
> maximun
> number of shadow copies that I can do is 64. So which is the limit, 72, 64
> or
> 512?.
> http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserv...Q/default.mspx
> Thanks,