Many moons ago we purchased Small Business server 4 (upgraded to 4.5) for
our small business.
We purchased this versatile system because we didn't know where
our business was going, what we may have to run on it, and had no IT Staff.
It is time to replace or migrate this system to something newer, simpler,
more reliable.
The only thing we use this server for is file serving.
All our applications run on our XP Pro client PC's with 5 people or less
accessing data on the server.
I am looking at a PV745n NAS with Storage Server 2003 as a replacement for
the current system.

1. Is it feasible, and reasonable, to run Storage Server 2003 in a peer to
peer environment to keep things simple.

2. Could you point me to any info or a discussion that may help with this
non esoteric setup.

Thanks in advance