We're planning on upgrading our 775N (coupled with a 1TB PV-210) from
Windows Powered to Windows Storage Server 2003. We have the upgrade kit from

I was slightly horrified upon reading that it re-images the OS drives,
versus doing an upgrade. While I understand that this won't touch the data
on the RAID on the PV-210 (I'm going to disconnect it anyway, before running
the upgrade) - won't that wipe out all of the *shares* that point to the
RAID? Granted the permissions and data won't get touched, but we've got
many, many shares (including Macintosh) defined, and re-creating them would
be nightmarish.

Normally, we can import the registry key
SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Sha res to get the share info
back. Is that the recommended method when upgrading the NAS operating

Anyone who has already upgraded their Dell NAS to Windows 2003 - any insight
would be great. Thanks!