The problem is that the symptom is very generic (slow access) and can be
caused by lots and lots of things (name resolution, delays in
authentication, network issues, AV software locking, etc., etc.). The KB
referenced really only applies if the Server is under remarkable stress.

Does the issue only occur the first time the user opens a file? Does the
second open occur much faster?

Does the issue only occur for Office docs? What about a .txt file?

What is the CPU on the server doing at the time of the file opens? Is is
maxed out?


"Mark French" wrote in message
> Hi
> I experience an unexpectedly long delay when open, save, close or delete
> files that are located on a shared resource, I have searched MS
> knowledgebase articles and found the following: -
> However, I don't have any third party programs installed on the file, it's
> a
> dedicated storage/file server. Workstations are running WIN2k and XP Pro,
> when users connect to there home directories and execute a file (office
> docs) there is at least a 15 second delay before the file appears.
> I was speaking with Microsoft concerning this and it was apparently quite
> common so I was sent various hotfixes all of which didn't improve things.
> It was left with them to investigate and I haven't heard back since.
> Any help with this will be appreciated.
> --
> Mark