1) You can do everything remotely. I am not aware of any that require a
local console for even initial setup (check w/your OEM as I would not doubt
that there is an exception to proove the rule). Some boxes do not even come
with video/keyboard (redirected console only).

2) You can use Web, MMC, Redirected Console, Terminal Server for direct
managment (some OEMs also include their own management tools, you'll need to
check with them). You can also use management software that may already be
in your Org (SMS, OpenView, etc.). For some management tasks, AD (e.g.
Global Policies) will be the way to go.

3) For other management tasks (e.g. setting up shares, mapping users, etc.)
that would typically be a per-box scenario, WSS fully supports scripting
just as Win2k3 Server does. So, if you have a script that you use to create
shares, it will run on WSS2k3.

You should also discuss this with your vendor to see what other
customization options may be available. For a large order, it may be
possible to request a custom image that already has what you need on it.


"BJ" wrote in message
> Can somebody who is familiar with WSS NAS explain different ways to
> connect and manage WSS and run disk manager of WSS...
> - Do we need to have a monitor+keyboard connected to the NAS box or can it
> be run remotely....
> - If it can be done remotely, how is it done? Thought a web browser or
> using the IP address and.......????
> - How about if there are bunch of NAS boxes??? Is there a way to amnage
> all of them from the same window or we need to connect and manage each one
> individually....
> Thanks
> BJ