From the MS WSS website:
"Windows Storage Server 2003 makes possible the creation of high
availability solutions with native support for multiple node (up to eight)
failover clustering. With support for MPIO from host to storage, high
availability solutions at the data transport level can also be implemented.
Combining these features with the Distributed File System (DFS) can help
ensure availability at the file and physical device level."

The same rules apply. The quorum resource must reside on "Shared Storage"
which means... the storage must be addressable from all nodes participating
in the cluster. Each node must be attached to this (LUN, Disk, Volume,
etc...) and it must not be on the same bus as the internal (system) storage.


"sridhar" wrote in message
> Can anyone please tell me whether a storage 2003 server can be configured

along with a cluster of 2003 servers with the qurom disk residing on the
storage 2003 server. Also the storage server 2003 is attached to a storage
box using hba's. can the quorom disk reside on the attached storage.