I have got a 250Gb Lacie d2 Edmini (from Nov 2006) that is working
flawlessly only if connected in the same subnet than the PCs that are
accessing it. Whether it is set up with DHCP or fixed IP, if I move
the disk in another plant, still in the same Wan, I can no more access
it from outside. Not even Ping works. The routers are not the cause
since the printers from which I borrow the static IP address (after
shutting the printer down) are perfectly ping-able from outside.
Colleagues who have got the previous version of the same drive (May
2006) do not have this kind of problem since they flash the drive
firmware but for my drive, no firmware update is available.
Do someone of you experience the same trouble? Other than that the
drive works fine. Is it possible that Lacie introduced such filter in
the Linux OS of the hard disk so that facing this limitation the
customers would be forced to chose a more expensive drive?