Dear Colleagues:

I am multi-posting this in the hopes that I dont piss too many people off.
I understand that you should only post to dissimilar groups when the subject
matter affects a wide range of industries. I think this qualifies.

Back in 1996 I was one of the first guinea pigs to test out "Road Runner",
which was simply what was called high-speed cable modem service in upstate
new york. Your choices were DSL and Cablevision, Adelphia Cable, or what
have you.

My neighbor works for verizon here on Long Island, NY and he tells me that
they are running fiber from the pole to people's homes directly and then
offering this service as your typical voice/data/movies on demand, etc. All
of which I think are great things.

My cable modem here at home is good for something like 1.5mb per second and,
well, I have not measured up speeds but its pretty good whatever it is (its
late and I really dont want to go testing, but that is not the purpose of my
post here).

I am hearing of these next generation cable modems and am reading speeds of
things like 80 mb download speeds and apparently some testing is going on in
Signapore, etc., where they offer speeds as high as 100mb per second.

What is the word on the grapevine. I understand that any new technologies
of this sort will be more expensive than what is available now and I also
know that a fulll T3 with a range of static IP addresses opened up to speeds
of like 45mb per second is bookoo expensive (like 8 grand a month or so -
regardless, its not so much about price).

So whats the industry chatter all about in terms of this next genertation of
pure fibre runs right to people's homes. In the next five years, what can
we realistically expect. For me personally, paying even 200 bucks a month
for a 100mb download speed would be well worth the effort and, if small
businesses will be able to get such service, well, you can see what would
happen to the rest of the industry. Back in '98 we were getting something
like 400 bucks a pop to just show up and hook up people to cablevision.

Any news out there, reliable articles posted and realistic expectations of
when this will be made possible on a broader range, or are people just
talking rumors?

Thanks to all for your time.


Midnight JJ