I bought a VST UltraTek ATA/66 PCI card to install in my dual boot OS 9.2.2
& OS 10.1.5 Rev.2 beige G3. I've installed the card, flashed it to the
latest 2.2.4 firmware and confirmed that OS 9.2.2 can see it. After swapping
the OS 9 hard drive over to the new controller I get a happy mac on bootup,
but that's as far as it gets. I've been googling for info on this (no docs
with the card) and somewhere I read I'd have to re-install my OS to get it
to run correctly. Can anybody confirm that? I also have a second hard drive
with OS 10.1.5 on it which just flashes the diskette with ? when I try to
boot off it. Supposedly the 2.2.4 firmware made this card OSX compatible.