I'm going to buy an external DVD burner. I'd like it to work with my
iBook (I know iDVD works only with internal burners) and a firewire
equipped OS X machine (OrangeMicro PCI firewire 400).

I thought of buying an external drive powered from the firewire bus,
but these are slower and I wonder if this isn't too much power drain
on the old bus.

I'm leaning towards either the LaCie or Formac drives. (above URL).
Probably the dual USB/firewire LaCie or the pure firewire LaCie with
Toast Titanium 6.

One thing that would sway me is the power brick or external power
supply/adaptor. Yes, I have an odd power brick "fetish": I like them
to be compact and reliable, and ideally to use a plug rather than a

Of course the web sites are worthless in this regard. Can someone who
owns a LaCie or Formac device comment on the power adaptors these
vendors use?


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