I have a friend with an older iMac (Special edition from about 4 years
ago) who just bought an 80 GB hard drive in an external PLUMAX Firewire
enclosure by mail order. The place said it was good for OS 8.6 and up.

The instructions that came with it were very skimpy, and simply
indicated that for Macs they should recognize it without drivers. No
such luck for him.

I hooked it up to my Sony Vaio Firewire port and it showed up just fine
(unformatted, of course), so we figure it must be either the Mac system
software or hardware failure - most likely the former.

Is this a case where OS X would recognize the drive without drivers and
OS 8 or 9 does need a driver (the thing came with a CD with a whole
bunch of folders for various setups apparently with driver files in

Any advice would be welcome.