Hi all,
I am using MAC OSX 10.3 OS - G4 Power mac. I installed my USB modem driver in 10.3.

I made the driver in 10.1.x MAC OSX. This driver worked in
10.1.x,10.2.x series.
i.e., The Driver,application made in 10.1.x is compatble with 10.1.x &
10.2.x series.

When i connect modem to 10.3 OS system, driver is not working. It is
failing for the following cmd
"IOBufferMemoryDescriptor* aMDP[kNumMemBufs];"

This function is returing theRet="0". That is "The specified offset is
beyond the length of the descriptor. & printing "IOGMD(0x241f700): wB
= o0, l48" in system.log file.

I am passing correct buffer pointer & theCount as 264. I reduced the
theCount to small value & tested also. It is showing the same problem
& printing

"IOGMD(0x241f700): wB = o0, l48"

Please help me to solve this issue...

Jothi (MAC OSX 10.3)
FOr ref. I am sending write bytes description:


Copy data to the memory descriptor's buffer from the specified buffer.

virtual IOByteCount writeBytes (
IOByteCount offset,
const void * bytes,
IOByteCount withLength
This method copies data to the memory descriptor's memory at the given
offset, from the caller's buffer.

Parameter Descriptions
A byte offset into the memory descriptor's memory.
The caller supplied buffer to copy the data from.
The length of the data to copy.
function result
The number of bytes copied, zero will be returned if the specified
offset is beyond the length of the descriptor.
Member Data