I've just bought an external 160GB Firewire drive from LaCie for
my wife's G4/400, running 9.2.2. The plan is to partition this
drive so we can dual boot into OS9 or OS X. We've quickly seen
the message described in
http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=31364 - that OS9
reports that the disk has stopped responding. The article indicates
that the cause is disconnecting the drive without putting it away.

In our case, the message is displayed when the system wakes
up from sleep. After we restart, the drive normally doesn't mount,
and we have to disconnect and reconnect the Firewire cable.
For now, I've turned off sleep in the Energy Saver control panel,
but I don't want to live like this for ever, especially if I want to
boot off one or other of the partitions on this drive.

Is there any way to resolve this, so the system can successfully
sleep and wake without losing contact with this drive. How do
people boot from external Firewire drives if this is an issue?


Peter Hornby
Laguna Beach/CA