I bought a G4/867 a couple of years back, and only now have I needed to
archive data on DVD-R, so I went and tried to do it from the Finder, like
doing a CD data burn. Easy, right? Er, no. Got a weird nasty error message
and the disk got spit back out before ever buring a byte. Checked different
newsgroups and Apple's own discussions and Knowledge Base articles. No real
help. Anyow, here's a slightly edited message I posted on Apple's board:

Like some other folks, I got a weird error when trying to burn a data DVD
from within Finder in 10.2.6. System is a G4/867 with a Pioneer 103
SuperDrive. The -2147352480 error, documented in KB article 25480, was
connected somehow to some kind of memory problem, and the workarounds talk
about everything from not bumping the computer during a burn to changing
media, wiping the media clean, and generally a lot of not helpful ideas.
Well, I called an AppleCare guy about this, who suggested I change to a 3rd
party app to do my burning, but also said something interesting: go into
iTunes Prefs-->Burning and have iTunes tell the DVD drive to burn at 2X speed
specifically. iTunes? iTunes? Okay, fine. I wasn't about to spend $49 to open
a troubleshooting case on a problem I knew other people were having and that
shouldn't -be- a problem from the get-go (the G4 burns CD like a champ and
reads DVDs very nicely), and I wasn't about to spend another $79 on Toast 6.
Well, iTunes' burn speed pref did the trick. Yes, the data DVD burn took a
while, the verify took another while, but the DVD burned nicely with no
errors. I've got about 1.5GB RAM and an spare 20GB HD space; those probably

So, folks, go into iTunes and tell it to talk to the Pioneer 103 to burn at
2X and to burn AS A DATA DVD. Might help you. Apple, go -fix- that KB


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