I recently purchased 3 of the new dual G4 "quicksilver" Macs for some
new members of our graphics department. I also purchased some
external firewire-IDE enclosures, so they could use some legacy data
on zip and DVD-RAM media. The DVD-RAM drives work as expected in the
enclosures, but the ATAPI drives don't. If the drive is powerd up
without a disk in it, something internal physically locks, and disks
can't be inserted anymore - even after removing power and
reconnecting. So, now I have 2 zip drives that won't accept disks at
all, and one remaining that I'm afraid to hook up to anything.

I've nearly given up on this, but I've got 2 more things that I'd like
to try. One of those things is hooking up the zip drive internal to
the machine. Unfortunately, the pretty case's drive bays (otherwise
these are very nice cases) won't work with just a 3.5-5.25" adaptor -
the zip disk won't open the door nearly far enough to get the disk
out. Does anyone make a replacement faceplate or something like that
which will allow the use of an internal zip drive in a quicksilver
mac? I'd rather save the desk space and avoid getting a new external
zip drive if I can avoid it.

Thanks for any insights on this.