Hi all,

I would like to install a larger HD in my 15" flat panel iMac. From Apple's
spec sheet I see that it's ultra ATA. My question is, is it a 3.5" or a
2.5" laptop drive? What is the RPM? I'm assuming it's Ultra ATA/100. I
want to use a drive that runs abaout the same speed as the original so I
don't run into any overheating problems.

Has anyone had any experience upgrading the Flat Panel iMac's HD? Is there
a size limit? I would like to get the largest drive I can. The original 40
MB drive is just about out of space. I don't want to use an external drive
since all the ports are being used for other things. I know opening the
base voids the warrenty, but the warrenty has already expired.