Fred wrote
> Rod Speed wrote
>> Tom Del Rosso wrote
>>> Rod Speed wrote

>>>> Yeah, its much harder with USB. Not impossible tho, Arno has never had a clue.

>>> Do you treat it like a SCSI?

>> Nope, you need a driver that can do it with the bridge in the case.

> That's not what you said before.

Must be one of those rocket scientist ****wit pseudokrauts.

>> And thats a theoretical possibility,

> Right, it depends on the bridge supporting it too.

Wot I said, ****wit pseudokraut.

>> bet ****nert cant actually list one that does.

> He doesn't have to, he didn't make that foolish claim, you did.

He made the other foolish claim, ****wit pseudokraut.

> And now you are weaseling out again, trying to blame him for it.

Never ever could bull**** its way out of a wet paper bag, just another ****wit pseudokraut.