Hello all,
I am pretty sure I can do this but I need to verify;

I currently have an NS702G Clerra Gateway with CX500 FC Storage
connected to the backend through 4 Fibre Channel ports evenly
distibuted across the dual data movers. There are 4 ethernet ports on
the front end for NAS connectivity.

I'd like to turn two of the ethernet ports into iSCSI targets (which I
know I can do). What I'm not completely sure about is if I can add a
CX3-20 Fibre Channel array and connect that (through the SAN), to the
NS702G and present Fibre Channel LUNS to the iSCSI targets?

I am quite sure this is technically doable, just don't know if it is

I can send a diagram of current connectivity if that would help.

Thanks is advance.