we just replaced 2 Overland Express Autoloaders by a new Quantum LTO
loader, and now I'd like to re-use one of their internal DLT4000
drives as a replacement for an even older Quantum standalone DLT4000.

The drives look fairly identical case-wise (cooling air intakes, front
flaps etc) apart from the fact that the barcode sticker says
"STANDALONE only" vs "LOADER only" and a different revision number,
B03 vs. B01.

Nevertheless I tried it out and the loader drive seems to work fine in
the external case; also the Quantum xTalk diagnosis tool reported no
problems. But obviously the loader drive has a different firmware, so
I wasn't able to update it with the latest FW for the standalone
drives (kept saying "INVALID PERSONALITY").

My Question: can I use the drive without running into problems, and
where can I get a current FW "fitting" this drive? Doest anybody know
what the FW differences are?