If this is the wrong group, apologies, and please recommend a better
group for it.

My company has an online custom built Active Server Pages CRM system.
It tracks all our clients, communications, and deals - via user input.
We also store documents relating to those clients online.

However, as our system & business grows, the online storage is
becoming a problem because it's nearly 1GB worth of files already, and
growing quite quickly. (It's very useful though, as it allows
collaboration very easily.)

Our web hosting company now wants to charge us for the additional
space we are starting to use, and it's going to be quite expensive.

I'm looking for an ingenious solution, and this is what I have in
mind, if possible:

The user navigates to the client page, and clicks the "Attach A File"
button. The attach-a-file page is shown for that client. The user then
needs to select the file on their local drive, and input a
description, and click submit. The webpage then needs to: (1) insert a
record in the database that this file now exists for this client, and
(2) upload the file to a remote server, like Box.net or IBackup or
something, via HTTP post or some FTP component (problems here with web
host permission though), using the appropriate access details to log
into that server, as the files need to remain private within our
company, i.e. not be accessible by anyone that stumbles on the URL (if
it happens).

Do online storage companies provide some sort of tool that can do
that? i.e. HTTP post with a username & password & filename (&
directory name)? Would be great...

Any ideas greatly appreciated.