Hi All,

I have been running DDS1/2/3/4 for about 12 years, on a win2000/NT4/XP
network (workgroup) using Seagate Backup Exec v6.11 all that time

It works fine, despite being clumsy in various ways.

With storage need going up I have moved to a Quantum DLT-V4 drive and
the Sony 80GB-320GB tapes.

BE6 doesn't seem to work with this tape drive; it doesn't recognise

So I got a later version, Veritas Backup Exec v10. This works OK but

(a) is a monstrously complicated program, with 100x more features than
I can use or understand, services all over the place...

(b) while it runs under a bare win2000 install it fails to run under
the main one, due to the server service not starting. I see half of
google is taken up with this very subject so I am not alone, but I see
no obvious fix for it. It's obviously being caused by some other
application etc which the bare win2k install doesn't have.

Question: is there another backup app which the experts here can
recommend, which is OK for a simple backup (including the win2k/XP O/S
open files which even BE6 would not back up, even though it did
everything under NT4) and is more robust?

Ideally, it would be tape format compatible with BE6/BE10 but that may
be asking too much since I usually choose "software compression" over
"hardware compression". Anyway, I will always keep a means to read old
tapes, via a machine on the LAN somewhere...