On Sun, 27 Nov 2005 22:48:59 +1100, "Paul J. Campbell"

>I have a home network consisting of two computers connected to a
>small router via 10/100 Mbps ethernet. I have 4 IDE hard disks, each
>200GB or less. The operating systems are Windows XP SP1 and SP2,
>Windows 98, Linux Red Hat 9, and Linux Fedora Core 3.

I use True Image 8 (TI9 demo is available at www.acronis.com, but I
haven't tried it yet) to back up to external HDs. Works great, fast
recovery. You'd have to run this under Windows to get automatic

In your situation, I'd consider backing up each to a local external
drive (one external on each computer), then copy each backup set to
the other computer's external for a little bit of redundancy.

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