Relative Rev Backup for Server 5.0 has been released.
Back up and restore file information from incremental disk archives that go
back months.

See Testimonial

"Having been let down by our old tape-based backup system once to many times
I searched the internet high and low for an alternative solution. I knew
that the logical route would be a disk-to-disk backup between the server and
a remote machine, but I was concerned that transferring so much data across
the network would cause a significant drop in performance.

Over the period of several months I downloaded and tested dozens and dozens
of different backup systems, but none of them really did what I wanted;
store multiple versions of the data from days, weeks & months ago without
needing to multiply the disk space (and cost) it required! I was almost
ready to give up when I stumbled across DataMills Relative Rev Backup.

At last I had found an application that would store incremental backups as
if they were full backups... what they are in fact is virtual backups!

I now backup all my data in less than 6 minutes, and can restore any version
of any file from an archive of backups that goes back months. It is so easy
and so reliable I can forget about it and get on with more important things.

Thanks DataMills!" -- David Hasell, Croydon, UK