hi all,

i've used ghost for quite a few years but have never ventured beyond version if it ain't broke . . .

last week i built my first sata system (asus a7v880 mobo) and dos-based ghost won't recognize the sata drive (80 gb Seagate 7200.7 ST380817AS).

after googling the web and searching many forums for the past few days i've been
unable to determine whether or not i'm going to be able to get any dos-based
version of ghost to see this drive.

my confusion revolves around these details:

- various posts talk about dos sata drivers

- i'm not aware of any dos sata drivers for my mobo

- various dos-based diagnostic programs that i've tried can see the drive and
actually test the drive

- various posts state that ghost 2003 (after being updated) can see sata
drives (although the posts haven't specifically referenced drive or controller

- i have yet to find one person that has used dos-based ghost to image any
sata drive connected to a VIA-sata controller (i have seen many posts of folks
doing so with intel and silicon image sata controllers)

has anyone ever heard of dos sata drivers? i'm under the impression they don't

has anyone ever used dos-based ghost to image a sata drive connected to a
VIA-sata controller?

fwiw, i ordered ghost 2003 a couple days ago hoping it might miraculously solve
my problem. i won't have it until later this week but if it's not going to solve
my problem i need to start looking for an alternative solution asap.

thanks for any help,