I recently purchased a new server with a 80/160GB tape drive in it. It
is running Suse Linux 9 on it. I installed Commvault Galaxy Express on
it as the media library and with my windows server being the master.
When ever I try to back up, at random times the backup fails.

Some times, it gives the following error:
Error occurred in Library [StndAln Library],Drive Name [DELL
PV-110T-DLTVS160_1],Barcode [StdAln_Tue Jul A_139],Path
[scsidev@scsi0:1.6.0] [Unable to communicate with the device StndAln
Library Please check whether the correct version of drivers have been
installed for this device Please check whether the device have been
configured properly] For more help call please call your vendor's
support hotline.

It will try to remount and will resume a few times, but will eventually
fail, normally about 90% through the backup.

Other times, it will give the following error:
Failed to mount media with barcode [StdAln_Tue Jul 5 2005
08:34:28_139], side [A_139], into drive [DELL PV-110T-DLTVS160_1], in
library [StndAln Library] on host [ghasrv.ghacademy.org]. Reason:
Operating system returned an error while performing this operation.
At this point, it no longer works at all on that backup and I need to
restart it.

Occasionally, especially if I am backing up a small amount of data
(>2GB), it will work correctly.
The total amount of space I am attempting to back up is 55GB, so space
on the media should not be a problem.
I have also tried multiple tapes and all have the same issue.

If anyone could help me with this, I would be most appreciative. In the
mean time, I am going to try amanda to get some sort of a backup.

Thank you,
Scott Forbus