I've got a Quantum DLT 4500 minilibrary that has a drive error and the
tape will not unload.

I have the covers off and I got to press the "unload" button (on the
drive inside) before the robotic carrier squatted in front of it but no
luck. Every 20 seconds or so it makes that freewheeling sound, kind
of like a card in a bicycle's spokes. Is there a way to force a manual
or emergency unload without using the front LCD panel? I took the
covers off thinking I would be able to gently push the carrier out of
the way and press the unload button, manually operate the handle and
remove the tape. Can this be done?

The manual isn't any help - contact your service provider if the front
LCD panel won't unload it. Quantum isn't available after hours for
non-service agreement devices so I'm out of luck until Tuesday if I
can't unload this little guy.

Thanks in advance for ANY suggesstions.