I plan to improve backup/storage system in my company's environment. We have
over 20 dell servers, including blade 1855, a scsi PV-220S connected to one
of them and PV-130T tape library for backup (LAN backup). We use arcserve
v.9 . Now I want to create central storage for about 4-10+ server and backup
them over the SAN. Probably we choose EMC CX-300 for storage (15x146GB) or
IBM Fast600/DS4300 and Adic Scalar 100/IBM 3583/Dell PV-136T or StorageTek
SL500. We also think about upgrading Arcserve to v.11 or changing to Veritas
backupexec v.10 or... Legato networker/TSM. In future I want to build system
for Exchange db archiving (not backup). I know that Legato and TSM have HSM
solution, perhaps they will be the best choices... But there could be a
better solution. What do you think about this project? I'm beginner in SAN
networks, any hints will be welcome.