I know this is fuzzy as heck, and yes, as a techie it makes me a bit
squeamish, but if you have experience with the Storage Solutions of one or
more of the following vendors, I'd appreciate it greatly if you could give
me your subjective rating, on a scale from 1-10 rating (10 is best) of
the storage products of and support from the following 6 vendors, in the
30 terabyte, around 64 megabytes/second ballpark, with at least some kind
of redundancy.

1) Apple

2) Cambridge Computer Systems

3) Coraid (the AoE people)

4) Dynamic Systems (1 stop support for SunOS and StorEdge)

5) James River (1 stop support for IRIX and InfiniteStorage)

6) Pillar Data

Thanks much if you have a moment to contribute!