Following a local shops complete destruction of my computer,
I am faced with recovering data from what WAS a perfectly good
WD 3 gig IDE drive that now (according to them) reports FAT
errors. (My big mistake was trusting them to replace a dead
power supply and cd-rw).

I am considering using PC inspector to recover the data
from the drive. The drive had no indications of any problems,
not even any bad sectors, prior to this idiot getting
his hands on it. I only know now that the drive supposedly
is reporting fat errors, according to them.

Concurrently with this I acquired what seems to be a
perfectly working 800MHZ Dell desktop.

I am assuming the drive will spin ok. But maybe that
is an erroneous assumption since I do not know what they
did to the machine.

My GUESS is that if I put the drive in as a slave into
the dell machine, I will be able to use PC Inspector
to recover the most important data. I have used the program
with good success on floppies, but never on a hard drive.

Their web page states that it is designed to access drives
with FAT errors and will work on Win98, which is what I have
on this new desktop.

Anyone had experience with this program with a hard
drive data recovery that included FAT errors. What problems
might I encounter in this procedure?

Is there a better program to recover the information? Sending to
a data recovery team is too expensive.