Hi Chris,

Downloaded the full 2003 report from EVS. It is quite an interesting
read (still looking over the various sections and making comparisms with
Q). I'll post the 4MB pdf to you with the subject line "EVS report" so
you can ignore it if you want. I'll also print a copy and bring it
along on Sat. and maybe the Q one two - it certainly requires a bit more
analaysing. It goes into detail about how the workforce is divided,
etc. They do seem to have some production staff. Pro rata the staff
costs are to all intents and purposes the same as Q. What is ****ing
obvious is that they have a significantly better return on capital

If we don't pull our socks up, this lot are going to going to take an
increasing amount of our fixed studio sales.

I will probably see how NAB goes; Ray is meant to be giving another talk
afterwards to the various departments. I am mightly tempted to ask for
a chat with him, but I'm mindful of the consequences. I will probably
insteed go for a mega rant in my review. It is a shame because there
is so much potential still in Q, but for the lack of direction and
ambition and proper management that is slowly being squandered.