I've just installed a 250GB SATA HDD plus a SATA PCI card and I want to use
the new drive for storage. I installed the drivers for the PCI card when
prompted and now I need to
format the new hard drive I believe, but I'm terrified of making a mistake.
I did go into
"Disk Management" and right click the new HDD and it gave me the option to
use the add new partition, but I don't know if that's what I need to
do?..( new volume?.. logical drive? etc.etc..)

If someone could give me a step by step explanation in novice friendly
terms I would be extremely grateful.

My set up as it now stands is.

C:/....80GB ATA HDD primary ide master NTFS primary partition (with WinXP
Home already installed.)
(Unallocated 250GB SATA HDD on SATA connection 1 PCI card.....new
installation. )
D:/....DVD\RW secondary ide master
E:/....DVD\RW secondary ide slave
F:/....removable storage...comes up for digi camera when using card reader.

My intentions are to leave my apps on C:/ drive and move "My Documents"
folder to the
new storage HDD.


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