Yeah, I said ATA. I'm using add-on ATA controllers to get
up to 4 more non-Raid drives per system. I try to buy what's
out there in volume cause I figure the beta testing will be done
already. Unfortunately, not so for Promise ATA controllers. They
don't seem to be very concerned with tossing the occasional
odd message into the event queue. Their tech support often
refers to 'cosmetic errors' and advises users to ignore them.
Apparently they know their firmware is buggy and have not
fixed it (some known bugs have remained for several firmware

So...*aside from Promise*, are there any recommended ATA
controllers. I don't need anything fancy...just generic, simple, and

I know Adaptec makes one (model ASH-1233) but oddly enough,
I can't find anyone using them. Difficult to find vendors also.

Mostly what I've seen is repackaged Silicon Image chipsets,
but I haven't used them yet. No idea how stable they are.

Comments welcome.