The Gilbane Conference on Content Management, in San Francisco, April
11-13, 2005
I've been a lurker, but the consulting group I'm active in is
producing a conference with a session I think other group readers and
contributors would like to know about. It is on Tuesday, April 12,
"Making the Most of Compliance." Here's the info:
Dealing with compliance is still viewed by most companies as a
necessary evil - an expense that will hurt their bottom line.
Compliance however, can be looked at as an opportunity to better
understand and manage what your organization does with business content
of all types. There are significant business benefits to implementing a
combination of policies and procedures with supporting technology that
provide control over who sees what, when, where, and what they can do
with it. This session will look at the benefits of incorporating
compliance under a broader content governance and control strategy.
Moderator: Bill Zoellick, Senior Analyst, The Gilbane Report
See Bill Zoellick's blog posts on compliance
Lynn Brewer, Author - Confessions of an Enron Executive, Founding
Chairman, The Integrity Institute, Inc
Carole Stern Switzer, Esq., Vice President and General Counsel, OCEG

Michael Evans, Director of Strategic Investments, Ernst & Young, LLP

More information at: