> I don't know if this is the right group or not, but other posts on
> crashes in clients have led me here...

> I've downloaded non-commercial SSH Secure Shell client from ssh.com
> (version 3.2.9 Build 283) and I can connect to my ssh server correctly
> with the UI version. However when I try to add an outgoing tunnel on
> my connection, the client crashes. I mean, just adding an empty
> tunnel -- navigate to the tuneling tab in settings, click Add, and
> then click OK -- causes the crash.

> I'm using it for the first time on VIsta Home Premium. Has anybody
> else had similar experience?

> Thanks for the help.

The same this is happening to me and I'm using the same version (version 3.2.9 Build 283) as you. It seems the crash is gui related.
A work around for it is to setup your connection like usual, except you do not add your tunnels.
Once your connection profile is saved open this file in a text editor:
eg. C:\Users\\Application Data\SSH\

In this file search for the words "Outgoing Tunnels" and add your tunneling information in the following format:

Another way is you can simply copy over your working connection from XP over to the SSH connection profile directory in Vista.

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