Rand Reed wrote:
> We need to call an AIX script (scriptA calls programB) from a Windows
> machine (batch job) using PuTTY (PLINK). ScriptA is a generic wrapper
> script that passes some parameters to programB. We cannot run
> programB directly (policy).
> We've gotten a Windows batch job to log in with PLINK and start
> scriptA, which runs programB. This works OK, but if there is a
> problem we don't have any visibility into it. The most we have been
> able to do is get a return of 0 that means scriptA was run.
> We really need to know on the Windows machine if either scriptA or
> programB on the AIX machine fails, so we can send an alert (custom
> pop- up window) to the Windows server support staff.
> Does anyone here have experience in passing return codes from programB
> back to calling scriptA in AIX?
> Does anyone here have experience in passing the AIX scriptA/programB
> return code(s) back to the original Windows batch job?

This question is by no means firewall-related.

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