> Now to verify if it works with Active Directory. The journey continues.

sshd will not authenticate to Kerberos using my build.

I put sshd in debug log mode and get the following error:

debug1: Failed dlopen: /usr/krb5/lib/libkrb5.a(
\t0509-022 Cannot
load module /usr/krb5/lib/libkrb5.a(\n\t0509-026 System
error: A f
ile or directory in the path name does not exist.\n

I linked /usr/local/lib to /usr/krb5/lib and used the command

"ar -v -q libkrb5.a" to create an archived library.

"ar -v -t libkrb5.a" shows

rw-r--r-- 0/0 3538290 Jan 09 12:48 2007

What am I missing? I can't get krb 1.5.1 to compile on AIX 5.3 using
the .a library extension. Back on AIX 5.1 I was able to compile
krb5-1.3.6 with the .a library extension with no problem.

Perhaps there is a configure option for that but I don't know what it