Hi all.

I just want to make you aware of an exciting new piece of software that is available from

I think you'll be interested because the software uses ssh as the back bone of a Secure
VPN Gateway system.

Ssh enables network port tunnels to be opened from client machine through the “Gateway”
system to remote server. - This is nothing new, but the management web interface and the
VPN client are new.

The web management interface and the VPN client make this software; very secure, very easy
to manage, and very easy to use.

This is commercial software but there is a free trial version available that uses Vmware
player to host the Secure VPN Gateway.

Documentation and other details are freely available from www.ttc4it.co.nz

Like all commercial software commercial support is provided. At Ttc4it you wont be
wasting time dealing with help desks. Instead you are plugged in directly to the software
developers. Better support means problems are fixed faster.

Best wishes for the New Year.

David Gempton
Managing Director