Hi, I apologize if I should've found this by searching, but I've been searching(slow btw) for awhile now and can't seem to find the answer. I am looking to understand why the following 2 commands return a different exit status when executed from 10.xxx.xxx.19:

-bash-3.00$ scp 10.xxx.xxx.19:$PWD/file.txt 10.xxx.xxx.22:$PWD/file.txt
-bash-3.00$ echo $?

-bash-3.00$ scp $PWD/file.txt 10.xxx.xxx.22:$PWD/file.txt
test.gds 100% 0 0.0KB/s 00:00
-bash-3.00$ echo $?

In both cases the file does get successfully copied to the other server.

Thanks in advance,
-- gandalf