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> This is from a message posted by a guy who I think is a conservative
> plant.

one that never left the oceans?

> *When he went to cut and past the message I think he made a
> mistake and also pasted this stuff from his bosses. *Does anyone know
> what this stuff is? *I also like how it starts with 666. Thanks.
> begin 666 2660825655_301dccbe61_o.jpg
> M_]C_X `02D9)1@`!``$`> !X``#__@`?3$5!1"!496-H;F]L;V=I97,@26YC

its a way of encoding binary data so that it can be sent via
text only media (usenet ("newsgroups") is text only). Try
wiki-ing for uuencoded

Nick Keighley