I'm going from Windows to Unix. ssh2 -i bansvr11.dmacc.edu.pub -l
dmaccweb bansvr11.dmacc.edu works with public authentication.
But, the following does not:

C:\Program Files\SSH Communications Security\SSH Secure
Shell>sftp2.exe -D 2 -B
C:\batuser\com.txt dmaccweb@bansvr11.dmacc.edu
SshFileCopy: Making local connection.
SshFileXferClient: ext_name `newline@vandyke.com', data:
00000000: 0d0a ..
SshFileCopy: Connection to local, ready to serve requests.
Sftp2: Connection ready.
SshFileCopy: Connecting to remote host. (host =
dmaccweb@bansvr11.dmacc.edu, use
r = NULL, port = NULL)
argv[0] = ssh2.exe
argv[1] = -v
argv[2] = -x
argv[3] = -a
argv[4] = -opasswordprompt="%U@%H's password:"
argv[5] = -oauthenticationnotify=yes
argv[6] = -oBatchMode=yes
argv[7] = dmaccweb@bansvr11.dmacc.edu
argv[8] = -s
argv[9] = sftp
SshWinpipestream: create process(user (null), command ssh2.exe -v -x -
a -opasswo
rdprompt="%U@%H's password:" -oauthenticationnotify=yes -
oBatchMode=yes dmaccweb
@bansvr11.dmacc.edu -s sftp )
Sftp2: buffer: 'AUTHENTICATED NO
FATAL: ssh2 client failed to authenticate. (or you have too old ssh2
check with ssh2 -V)

Anybody with ideas?
Terry Asher