On 2008-05-06, htsolution@htsolution.sk wrote:
> I have strange problems with connecting to remote machine running suse
> enterprise 9.0 sp3 using ssh
> After server is restarted, everything works fine.
> Then, after 5-6 days, sshd starts to drop incoming connections.
> Server has IP from private network range, i connect to router with
> public IP, port 222, which is then forwarded to my server (port 22)
> Sometimes, ssh starts to work, but 10 minutes later, again,
> connections are refused.


I suspect something is connecting to the ssh server and not authenticating
and eventually you reach the MaxStartups limit, at which point any new
connections are dropped.

You can confirm this by checking the output of "netstat" for connections
to port 22 that don't correspond to logged in sessions. If this does
prove to be the case then you can either fix whatever's holding the
connections open to not do that, or increase MaxStartups in sshd_config
and restart sshd. See the sshd_config(5) man page for details.

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