I'm trying to assist a user who is having problems with plink on
Vista. Plink wasn't recognizing the user@host string that was being
passed to it and instead responded with a "login as:" prompt.

Here's what I tried to do:
- Tried plink me@host since I know I can login to host. Get same
"login as:" prompt.
- We were running PuTTY 0.58. Installed version 0.60. Get same
- Tried running 'plink' with no parameters to get version and help
information. Get same prompt.
- Downloaded latest development plink.exe. Get same prompt.

It seems that there is a configuration value,Environment variable or
something in cache that is causing a problem. No other users are
experiencing this problem so it seems local to this one user.

Anyone seen this before? Any ideas what I should look for?


Jeff Schnitter