I tried to post this to the mailing list but never saw it go through
so I apologize if this is duplicated..


We have a client that is coming through our PIX firewall (rules are
set properly) and trying to SSH into our Linux box. We are using SLED
10 with openssh-4.2p1-18.25. He previously was able to SSH in until
will rebuilt the server (hardware failure). Now when he tries login I
get this error in /var/log/messages:

Oct 16 16:22:12 dss-cs99la07 sshd[16641]: fatal:
mm_request_receive_expect: read: rtype 48 != type 46

...He is using a Windows SSH client. My first guess was he still had
our old certificate but it prompts him to accept the new one and he

I have confirmed myself and others can SSH from outside the firewall
so I'm pretty sure it's not a firewall issue.

Any ideas?