Hi all,

in our company we have the orer to monitor the usage of web-ressource
apart from the company business (users must not use ebay, p**n-sites,
etc.). But we are not allowded to save all accessed ressources for
every user. So I plan to confogure to squid to

- use authentication
- write an access log that contains informationabout the user and the
ressource, that has been accesed

Then I plan to create a script to anonymize the user information
within the access.log (substitute each named user with a different
random number) and store these anonymized access-log to the disk. I
want squid to write the original access log to a pipe and my script to
read from this pipe so the non-anonymized information don't get
written to the disk.

But until know I didn't find an option to make squid write to a
network pipe. I can create a filesystem-pipe on the disk, but if my
anonymizing script collapses, squid gets confused, sometimes create
the logfile as normal file and then my script gets confused. -
Confusing, isnīt it ;-)

So my question is:

How can I make squid write access.log information to a network pipe? I
didn't find any option so far.

Thanx a lot