On Jul 25 2001, 8:15 am, rouss...@measurement-factory.com (Alex
Rousskov) wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Jul 2001, Roel van Meer wrote:
> > I'm using squid-2.4STABLE1 as a transparent proxy on an intel RedHat
> > 6.2 machine. For some reason it does all requests withHTTP/1.0,
> > even if the original request isHTTP/1.1.

> The reason is that Squid is not anHTTP/1.1compliant agent.
> > What i would like is that
> > all requests made by squid are done withHTTP/1.1.

> > Could anyone tell me
> > a) whether this is possible or not
> > b) how to do this or where to find docs

> It is possible by writing new code that will make SquidHTTP/1.1
> compliant. Simply setting the Squid request version toHTTP/1.1is
> likely to break things because Squid will not be able to handle someHTTP/1.1responses.
> For details on what needs to be implemented, please see
> http://squid.sourceforge.net/squidhttp1.1.htm

Hi yall,

This is the clearest answer I've found to my question but I'm on a
much newer version than the original author and I can't tell if
anything's changed since then.

Can I have Squid send HTTP/1.1 requests when it receives HTTP/1.1

I've visited the table; I'm not a web developer, I just want a simple
yes/no answer. And I can't understand why such a simple question
isn't a FAQ item.

I'm running Version 2.6.STABLE14 built for SPARC/Solaris 10 from