I am facing a strange problem while using squid 2.5. I configured PCQ
Linux 2007 for squid.
First, I have observed last month that squid failed to connect to
websites/internet. When I cheeked the squid.conf file, I found it
becomes totally BLANK. No data was there.
I restored the squid.conf file from backup. This problem appeared
again two times. Every time squid.conf file become blank and I have to
restore it from backup-copy of it.I also observed the presence of
squid.conf.1 , squid.conf.2 , squid.conf.3 , and squid.conf.4 files.

I observed further that this problem gets notice on every Monday,
after the weekly off of my office. (Saturday and Sunday) So my queries
(1)Is it something to do with log rotation which is set on every 5
days?(defaults setting).This problem occuring after log rotation , so
far i observed.How these files squid.conf.1 , squid.conf.2 ,
squid.conf.3 , and squid.conf.4 get generated?
(2)Is it because of hard disk media problem?I havenot observed any
media problem so far
(3)Or it is squid specific problem?
I have not observed such problems in last 7-8 years with squid.
Please help me in this regard.